100% of funds collected from Supper Club support our financial assistance program. There is something special about sitting around the dinner table. Dinner offers people a time to reconnect and proper nutrition provides us necessary health benefits and sharpens our minds. For the homebound, dinner is even more important to maintain good health.

Unfortunately, many homebound people cannot afford dinner, or any meal, due to their financial situation. Meals on Wheels wants to eradicate food insecurity and malnutrition among our low-income, homebound community. Our goal is to engage our volunteers in a monthly membership called, “The Supper Club” to make sitting around the dinner table a reality for all homebound Hoosiers.

Hors d'oeuvres

$15 per month
  • One week of 10 medically-tailored meals
  • $180/year


$30 per month
  • One week of 20 medically-tailored meals
  • $360/year


$45 per month
  • One week of 30 medically-tailored meals
  • $540/year

Main Course

$60 per month
  • One week of 60 medically-tailored meals
  • $720/year

Selecting Your Membership is Easy

Click on the desired amount above, and you will be redirected to our online donation portal. Once on the site, you may set up an automatic monthly debit to your checking account or charge to a credit/debit card. Supper Club donations are tax deductible. Meals on Wheels truly appreciates your support!

If you prefer a mailable application, you may download the file here.