Established in 2013, the Meals on Wheels “Hybrid” Food Pantry provides supplemental food to our low-income clients. The pantry is stocked completely by food drives. If your corporation is interested in holding a food drive challenge and donating to our pantry, please email Jessica Carter to schedule at Every little bit helps!

What is a “hybrid” food pantry?

MOW’s food pantry is considered a “hybrid” pantry, which is a cross between a regular pantry and a senior-friendly pantry. We believe we are one of the few truly hybrid pantries in the country. This food benefits the health of our neediest clients, who often do not have additional supplies on hand. Many rely on this food to supplement their diet. The MOW food pantry aligns with our principle that “Food is medicine.”

A record-breaking food drive!

In March of 2017, The National Bank of Indianapolis (NBI) completed their second food drive for the Meals on Wheels pantry.  Over 1,700 items were collected, an estimated whopping 2,000 lbs.! NBI now holds bragging rights as the largest donation to our pantry in its four-year history.

We asked Suzanne Harris, NBI’s volunteer coordinator, what the secret is for their success. “We have an awesome group of employees and upper management that encourages and supports giving back to the community…one of our principles.” Several NBI departments designated one person to be the food drive captain.  That allowed employees to simply give money to the captain who then did the shopping. 

The NBI team also got creative and held a challenge between the 10 floors of their headquarters building as well as their 13 banking centers. They sent periodic updates so that everyone could see the standings and, because they are competitive, no one wanted to see their area with a low number. 

In the end, they determined that the average donation per employee was 64 items – very impressive!  The winning “floor” got their photo included in the next NBI employee newsletter.  Suzanne added that they “look forward to surpassing this year’s donation level in 2018! We all agreed that, in the end, Meals on Wheels was the true winner of our challenge.”