The pandemic has impacted every facet of our organization including our ability to host our largest annual fundraiser, Bingo Bash.

It’s a humble reminder we are all in this together. As the impact of the pandemic continues to deepen and spread, we have created a safer home for our clients by limiting their outside exposure to COVID-19. The stressors of finding nutritious food day in and day out have been eliminated through our program.

We’ve seen a significant increase in the need for financial assistance during the pandemic. In fact, over the past 8 months, we have provided 160% more financial assistance as compared to 2019 to keep individuals and families fed.

You now have an opportunity to make an even larger impact to assist homebound Hoosiers. Without the overhead of event costs, each gift goes even further to help support the essential services we provide.

3 Ways You Can Support Our Mission

Essential Sponsorship for Essential Healthcare

Please review the attached sponsorship levels. Remember, all proceeds go to our Virginia Wesley Financial Assistance Fund which directly pays for the cost of meals for our low-income clients.

If you have any questions regarding sponsorship, please email Barb Renshaw at

Click Here for Sponsorship Information

Join Our Supper Club!

A small ongoing donation can provide a lasting impact. 100% of funds collected from Supper Club support our financial assistance program. Our goal is to engage our supporters in a monthly membership called, “The Supper Club,” to make sitting around the dinner table a reality for all homebound Hoosiers and you can help make this goal a reality! Join today!

Click Here to Sign Up for Supper Club

Create A Facebook Fundraiser

If you are receiving this email, we already know you are a generous and action-oriented supporter of our mission. Creating a facebook fundraiser is a quick way to include your family and friends in supporting a great cause! In 3 simple steps you can create your own appeal and make a difference!

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