William was born 1929 in Middletown, Ohio. As a child, William never really stayed in one place for a long period of time. His father was a pastor who preached all across the United States and brought his family with him. As a boy, William greatly enjoyed fishing, roller-skating, and baseball. Throughout his childhood, William lived in both New York and Washington D.C.

  At the age of 12, William got his first part-time job so that he could afford to get his little sister a Christmas gift. After this first job he made most of his money from doing paper routes. Shortly after he turned 18, William was drafted into the Navy Reserves where he served for two years. During his time in the Navy, he served in the Philippines, New Guinea, and took brief leave in Australia. Once William came home after the end of WWII, he became a paint salesman for a local business called Porter Paints. This was easily his favorite job.

William is now 90 years old and has done certainly a great many things. He participated in national handball tournaments, met Elvis Presley, witnessed the first moon landing live, and fought in the single largest war in history! His story, as a man from arguably the greatest generation in American history, is one that is truly inspiring.

gj-Jamison_Hunter200Jamison Hunter is a home schooled, visually impaired, high school junior who enjoys science fiction, science fact, the Russian language and gaming. When Jamison’s not volunteering or working, he is plotting his future as an astronautical engineer.

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