Can you imagine sitting at home hungry with no food in your house no means to get any food? At Meals on Wheels, we see this every day. This is why we have specially-trained volunteers, known as VIP’s, who make wellness checks and deliver supplemental food from our senior-friendly food pantry to our low-income clients.


Raymond is truly dependent on Meals on Wheels for his food. One day he shared with me that it’s the only food he has. Today when Curt and I approached his door and he saw the big box of food Curt was carrying, he let out a very audible gasp. He knew he was getting food; however, he thought he was just getting a couple of cans and a few boxes of food, which he would have been very grateful to receive.

“You came in this horrible down pour of rain to bring me food! Thank you so much for all you have done for me,” he exclaimed when we arrived at his door step. We said, “you’re so welcome,” and reminded him that Meals on Wheels is the provider, we’re just the eager path to the door.

When we brought the food into his apartment, he said with tear- swollen eyes, “God has truly blessed me today.” When I said we will be back next month his wet eyes got big and all he could say was, “wow!” He had forgotten that VIP’s deliver food every month.

As we trekked back to our car, we realized that Raymond is why we are a part of this wonderful organization. Meals on Wheels definitely advances the quality of life for many people. We see this first hand every week!!

Thank you for letting us be a part of the Meals on Wheels family.
–Pat, Sharon & Curt


We thank You, Pat, Sharon and Curt for your dedicated service to Meals on Wheels. You are the reason we are able to alleviate hunger and malnutrition in central Indiana.

Won’t you join our mission to end hunger and malnutrition among the disabled and elderly in central Indiana? Email us today at

Meals on Wheels Volunteer Proxy Shoppers bring sunshine to low-income seniors even on rainy days!

May 30, 2017


The Sol Center

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