Meals on Wheels of Central Indiana considers all applicants eligible to receive services and referrals to our home-delivered meal program as eligible to receive services based on guidelines as set forth by their funding source.

In Marion County and other areas across the state, Meals on Wheels of Central Indiana may, from time to time, be required to place a new Meals on Wheels applicant(s) on a temporary waitlist. When applicable, please read our waitlist policy.

7 little steps will take you towards independent living. The application process is easy and works like this:

  1. The client or caregiver calls the Meals on Wheels office and speaks to a Client Coordinator.
  2. The Client Coordinator takes down basic details (name, birth date, telephone number, address, physician’s name and phone number, and information about an emergency contact) and sends the caller an information packet and application form via postal mail.
  3. The client obtains a physician’s prescription for Meals on Wheels by calling or visiting his or her physician.
  4. The physician’s prescription is faxed to the Meals on Wheels office by the physician’s office or the client.
  5. The client completes the application form and mails it to the Meals on Wheels office with $80 (one-time $5.00 application fee and $75.00 up-front payment for the first two weeks of service).
  6. The client or caregiver may call the Meals on Wheels office again to arrange any special requests that can be accommodated in accordance with the diet his or her physician has ordered. Examples are white bread instead of wheat bread or fruit juice instead of milk.
  7. Delivery will begin within two to three business days after the physician’s prescription is received at the Meals on Wheels office.


Mailed Client Application

Meals on Wheels has no waiting list. New clients typically begin receiving meals less than a week after signing up for services! This form may be completed by the client, or by a caregiver on behalf of the client. Please print the form, fill it out and mail it to Meals on Wheels with a check or money order for $80.00 to cover application costs and the first two weeks of meals. Meals on Wheels of Central Indiana – 708 E. Michigan St. Indianapolis, IN 46220


For further details or an information packet, please contact us at (317) 252-5558 or by e-mail at [email protected].