Volunteers are the pulse of this Meals on Wheels program. Not only do they deliver meals to homebound citizens and seniors in the local community, they also provide companionship, a safe response and a warm, friendly smile when they arrive at the door.

There are numerous route opportunities in our Meals on Wheels program, though specific openings will vary from one location to another. People of varied interests and abilities can help  – whether they want to be hands-on or behind the scenes. Timing is also flexible, but most programs deliver meals before noon.

Volunteers for Meal Deliveries
Weekdays @ Lunchtime
Volunteers pick up medically-tailored meals at a nearby hospital or healthcare facility and deliver them to approximately 8-12 clients (the elderly, people with disabilities, and people with chronic illness or diseases) living near the pick-up site. It takes about an hour-and-half to deliver meals, and we ask for a minimum commitment of one lunchtime delivery per month on a route near your home or office. There are about 35 routes to choose from. Our greatest need is for volunteer deliveries to clients living on the west side, south side and downtown Indy.

For more information, please contact: Hope (Volunteer Coordinator ) [email protected]

Volunteers for Pantry Box Deliveries
Weekdays – Box pick up between 9 am-3 pm (by appointment)
Volunteers pick up boxes of healthy, shelf-stable food for our clients in need of additional food resources from our office located at 708 E. Michigan St. Volunteers deliver these boxes to 5-7 clients living near each other on the north, south, east or west sides of Indy. Volunteers must be able to lift 20-25 lbs. Minimum commitment is flexible; some pantry box volunteers deliver weekly, some bi-weekly, some monthly, and others on an occasional basis.

For more information, please contact: Hope (Volunteer Coordinator) [email protected]

To Become a Volunteer, Send Us a Message

Become A Corporate Volunteer

The Meals on Wheels’ corporate volunteer program provides a rewarding experience for members of your team.

HOW IT WORKS: Your organization commits to delivering meals as little as one time per month. A virtual training session is conducted for your dedicated participants.

On the scheduled delivery day(s), volunteers pick up meals at the designated local hospital, or healthcare facility.

From the facility, volunteers then proceed to their assigned route where they will deliver meals to up to 12 clients.

Hoosier Village Volunteers

Current Corporate Partners